Royal Berkey Water Purifier

Royal Berkey Water Purifier

What do you pay for water?


I have ~better~ water than Crystal Springs, Olympic Springs, (<–Pacific Northwest companies), Arrowhead, Sparklets, etc., for less!


$250 – $300 pays for your drinking/ cooking/ pets water bills for 3 to 5 years!


Our price:  about $100 (the cost of the purification elements) to produce 6,000 gallons of water. Compare this to bottled water price for 6,000 gallons:  $10,500. What’s better, $100 or $10,500?


Is your bottled water really tap water filtered through a wasteful reverse osmosis (RO) filter? Are the important minerals still present or lost? Does RO waste 3-5 gallons of water for every gallon produced? What about all the fuel used for delivery?



This is a no-brainer (now that I have done all the brain work). If you are paying for bottled water, you have the right idea, yet, um, you are wasting your money. You could buy a nice used car for what they are charging you.

Although water CAN be a complicated subject, this is not a difficult concept. Bottled RO water for $1.50 or $1.75 a gallon vs. superior purified water for $0.016 per gallon….better water for far less money.  And think of all the fuel used in delivery services!

I hate bad water, and I hate chlorinated water, too…I guess I’m a hater – lol….I hate it when I see may brothers and sisters hoodwinked, especially when there is a better solution available. And how about your pets?

As a physician and dad/brother/son/partner, I have done extensive research on water for me and my family and found a filter so awesome that I had to became a distributor. I bet I have your ‘water solution’ (pun intended).

Isn’t commercially bottled water, like Crystal Springs, usually tap water run through a reverse-osmosis filter? Doesn’t that waste a lot of water and provide an inferior product?

The research criteria, my standard for comparison, was primarily based on my Mom’s well water (Poulsbo, WA) which is OMG good. Wells can produce water at both ends of the spectrum; from really bad to really good. Hers is the best. So good that I used to hand-haul three 5 gallon bottles from her place to mine every few days (she’s only 2.5 miles away).

Anyway, I wanted to find a filter that would leave all the important minerals in the water (so distilled was out).  It had to be gravity-fed  and NOT require high pressure like reverse osmosis does (which also has water waste and bacteria buildup issues), I wanted it portable (no installation), and for it to be able to “purify” which is a MUCH higher standard than “filter.” Obviously, I wanted it to remove a laundry list of nasties like bacteria, viruses (much smaller), radioactive isotopes, heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine, etc.. I wanted a purifier so effective that I could feed it nasty pond water (like in an emergency) and have it provide water as good as my mom’s well. I figured it’d be nice if it was affordable, too. I do dream sometimes.

I found it!

Two Black Berkey Elements

Two Black Berkey Elements

It’s a free-standing unit. Put tap water into the top and the best water you’ve ever tasted (or cooked with) is held in the bottom, ready for use. The units come in various sizes to serve 1 person (like camping) to 150 people (like a church) depending on your needs, and run from about $200 to $400.

They last 3-5 YEARS!

I did the math on the cost of water considering how many gallons are produced over the life of the purification elements. Although you can save a few cents with a different plan, by the bottle a local company (Crystal Springs) charges $8.75 per 5 gallons. That’s $1.75/gal. My water costs $0.016. That’s a little over one-and-one-half CENTS compared to a buck seventy five! Even compared to $1.50 per gallon, there is simply no comparison.

After going through 34 Bottles of bottled water, a $300 unit (like mine, pictured) would be paid for. How long does it take you to go through 34 five-gallon bottles? At 3 gallons per day, it would take me 57 days. Just think, after 57 days (about 2 months), the rest of the water for the next 3-5 YEARS is is PRACTICALLY FREE…is the best water solution available, great for emergencies, and has retained the minerals important for health and flavor.

My family uses the middle-sized Royal Berkey, pictured

A Few of the Sizes

I fill mine at night I have about 3 gallons ready in the morning. The unit I use (blue arrow) provides water at 3.5 gallons per hour. There are larger units that purify water up to 26 gallons per hour. Sometimes, if I run short of water (like if I forgot to fill it), I’ll just fill-up the top and in 15-20 minutes, I have what I need which is about 3 quarts every morning.

Since we want good water to go with us during the day, and since buying it retail is ridiculous from both a health and financial perspective, we fill a portable container or even a juice bottle and take great water with us whenever we leave our campsite (home).

I recently took one to a pot luck because I was making miso soup. I knew the water there at my friend’s was nasty, and I knew I could provide great water for soup and other cooking no matter how bad their water was. If the water is bad, well, everything in the kitchen (coffee, tea, soup, etc.) doesn’t even have a chance. I even use my water as a final rinse for veggies. When they tasted their water after it had been purified through my unit, they said: “I WANT ONE!”

Everyone who has ever tasted the water says it’s the best they’ve ever tasted.

So, try this experiment…go look at a 1-gallon container and ask yourself, “Which do I prefer? $1.75 for so-so water, or a penny and a half for awesome water?”  Duh!

Drop me a note if you have questions/want info.

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Want my recommendation?

So that I can make a recommendation for you, share with me as much of the following as you can:

How many bottles of water do you use every 4 weeks?

What is your total bill for each 4 weeks?

What size bottles do you use? (5 gal? 3 gal?)

What does each bottle cost?

How many people (and pets) in your family?

Is your water fluoridated?

Is arsenic a concern? (See your municipal water quality report)

Are you on well water?



My notes for future comments……….


What does 55 gallons weigh?

If you had to head for the hills, could you carry your long-term emergency supply for a large number of people? I could.



Is water perishable?


Backyard radiation filter for water

Hawaii dairy farmer’s article about radioactive isotopes in the milk / food chain

For both everyday use and for emergencies, I have researched filtration/purification and now distribute what I believe is the best solution for water.



More to come




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