Do you have a grab-n-go kit?


I believe everyone would be well-served by having a small grab n go bag, ready to go, by the bed. I have a friend who was awakened by the Northridge Quake in LA. Here’s a quote from a letter he wrote:

“I awoke in mid air, arm and legs flailing, screaming at the top of my lungs…then I went for my slippers which were filled with glass. I ran outside, not realizing my mobile home had shifted off its foundation. With no stairs now, I took a 5-foot fall. I stood up and saw my neighbors home on fire so I went for the hose…no water. Ran to shut off his gas line, yet the wrench that he had conscientiously kept right by the gas tank was nowhere to be found because he had not tied it to the gas tank.

He would have benefited from a bit of rehearsal and by having a grab n go kit (with a flashlight) handy. Its contents would include, keys (of course spares are already hidden on each vehicle), wallet, cash, glasses, a mini flashlight…and…(Much more to come…)



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