Is important, timely, relevant and even critical information deliberately withheld from the public by those who control Mainstream Media?


After watching coverage of disasters like BP’s Gulf oil spill and the meltdown at Fukushima, Japan, one just might wonder…


My dad taught me that many times, we can figure-out the truth when we “follow the money.” You’ve heard that, I’m sure. So, who designed the failed reactors? Was it GE? Who has a giant interest in nuclear power industry?  Is GE one of the big players? How much influence might GE have on The Media? Check THIS out. Click the button and see if you can spot anything that might be classified as or considered Mainstream Media. What does GE own? Naturally, there is a lot more to it than what GE owns. There are other big players with big interests, as well as other pieces of the media pie.

On one hand, we have parties interested in releasing zero information and in reassuring the public that “everything is alright, please continue shopping.”  How much are you hearing about the BP disaster? How much do you hear about the continuing catastrophe in Japan? Do you think it’s over, or just beginning? What have you heard about the June 18, 2011 “unusual event” and the 2-mile no-fly zone over the nuclear facility near Omaha, Nebraska? Or, was that a hoax?

Of course on the other hand there are those at the extreme other end of  the scale who are completely freaked-out and risk being called alarmists. There are also many who just don’t understand nuclear physics, and then there are some who spread invalid and erroneous information as if it were fact.

Most saddening for me is that too many people just give-up since they think nothing can be done, and because they don’t know about many easy and perhaps vitally important steps we can and should be taking right now (more on that on this site).

Arnie Gunderson is a highly credentialed nuclear expert. Of everything I have seen, he has been the voice of reason. He speaks calmly, clearly and makes a complicated subject such as dealing with radioactive isotopes easy to understand. Here is one if his broadcasts. I recommend subscribing to his site so that you’ll get regular updates. Support him any way you can (he has a “support” button). Please watch this short video. It’s less than 6 minutes long. Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable when Inhaled or Swallowed from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Eventually I will expand on a few related topics.

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