Do you know what to do for Radiation Exposure?


[Note to self – General concepts here – specific steps in the next section]

Much of prevention and remediation for radiation exposure overlaps. Too many people think “there is nothing that can be done,” so they don’t do anything. It’s easy to be in denial because the media supports that perspective, and because the isotopes are invisible – we can’t see, taste or feel them…until it’s too late when we see the effects.

After reviewing some big concepts here, I will give you specific measures we take in the next section. There are lots of easy, inexpensive, effective things we can do before and after radiation exposure. In case anyone needs help with ~the math~, the background radiation dose is not going to be going down anytime soon. In fact, here it is almost 5 months after March, 2011 and Fukushima and is STILL adding to the background levels. Note that there are many reactors on Earth, and many are said to have known problems. They are accidents waiting to happen.


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Anyway, there are many things we can do to reduce exposure as well as steps to take if you have been or are going to be exposed. Some of these steps are for the Earth, some are for our animals and some are for us.

There are cliches we’ve all heard for ages like “Everything is connected” and “You are what you eat.” We have also heard about concepts, both scientific and philosophical, that tell us everything in nature has it’s place and a purpose. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine this, and sometime’s it’s easy.

Cesium & Potassium

Radioactive cesium (bad) acts like potassium – so get enough potassium

Mineralize The Earth

We’ll get to mineralizing your body on another page

A Page for Each Concept

I’ll share the “whys” and “how-tos” on other pages. Here are the highlights…a short list

  • Eat miso soup daily
  • Tip diet toward potassium
  • Become well-mineralized; Celtic Sea Salt, Micro Excelerite
  • Take plenty of the right kind of iodine; PacifiKa, Sea Vegetables
  • Learn about and use herbs that remediate; Ginko
  • Neutralize radioactive particles in the soil and therefore the food chain; Excelerite
  • Take daily baths and add sea salt, baking soda, (& 1/4t. ascorbic acid if your water is chlorinated)
  • Remove shoes at the door
  • Avoid rain



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