Besides air, sleep, and water, you’ll need food…and if you’re really prepared you’ll have supplements



Yes I’m a “Foodie” and a “Health Nut.”

Dad used to ask, “What’s nutty about health?”


Organic food is real food.

Food is an important part of health and survival.


Raw milk…I’ll have a lot to say about this

Meat and Veggies: Grow your own or find locally grown



Here are my affiliate links to the suppliers I use for the supplements I take

(I make a small profit from these)


use this link

Friendly Force™ – The Ultimate Probiotic Supplement

The ultimate, hard-core, no-holds-barred probiotic. Cleansing, immune boosting,* nutrient creating, unique whole food prebiotics greatly magnify potency.* Dairy free, gluten free, implantable species, significantly improves digestion and assimilation.*

CircuForce™ – Ginko Biloba supports oxygenation, circulation, brain function

Two hundred fifty (250) mg standardized Ginkgo biloba extract (24%), 125 mg Siberian eleuthero, and 125 mg gotu kola extract are added for 500 mg total in each VeganCap™. Get the maximum value nutritionally and financially with HealthForce Ginkgo – the highest potency, most effective, and best value Ginkgo extract product on the market!


– coming soon



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