I have backpacks for each person, do you?


We each keep our backpack our car, always.   Unlike those who live where weather conditions are more harsh, we don’t have any special considerations for heat, though we do consider freezing.

It’s like we are ready to go camping 24/7. There is a lot more to go into a backpack besides the backcountry hiker/camper’s Ten Essentials, yet that is a great place to start. Here is a link to Wikipedia’s The Ten Essentials.

I recommend a detailed paper map that shows topography. We might need to be able to plan alternate routes if roads are impassable, and if we are walking instead of driving, maps can prove to be invaluable.

Even though my smartphone has a couple of compass apps, I like having an old-fashioned analog one.

I am on the fence about sunscreen because in the Pacific Northwest, we actually need all the UV exposure we can get in order to manufacture Vitamin D. Sunglasses can be good if there’s snow.


—-to be continued



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