I finally got to the end of the internet.

I read it all, every page on the internet, and hope you look forward to my review and opinions on….



Yuri Letters – Japanese Dr. living in USA keeping tabs on Japanese media, websites, friends in Japan and SO much more. Has done some interesting translations where we might learn a different (more truthful?) perspective and maybe have a better look at what’s REALLY going on.

UC Berkley Forum – upcoming and established nuclear scientists.

Alaxander Higgins – popular sensationalist (over the top, really)

Dutchsinse – wildly inaccurate while sounding oh so authoritative; may actually be onto some interesting concepts; has a great voice and provides a fantastic link collection – VERY sloppy science.

Arnie Gunderson – A credentialed, highly experienced, logical scientist and professor who makes very palatable presentations via his site http://www.fairewinds.com/ He is so low-key some say he may seem too comforting.




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