I have made some amazing discoveries, here’s one: Micro Excelerite


At this point, these are just sort of random notes to myself about Micro Excelerite. This is not my final release – it’s a rough draft.


What if there was a product that could benefit a person with arthritic pain? What if you could take the same product, put a different label on it, and offer it as a blood-pressure stabilizer? What if the same product could benefit autism, and, well, just about everything? If someone claimed all that, I’d be very skeptical.

Which of your body’s function rely on the availability of minerals? Just about all of them? Are there minerals that can help your body detoxify? What is calcium Bentonite clay?


Of course I can’t claim to cure, prevent or treat any particular disease or condition (even though I am a licensed physician). I wonder if I am allowed to have a professional opinion? I know I can diagnose, given a proper history and examination findings.


Illustrate facts about bio-availability, chelation…

Stories about Celtic Sea Salt, Wonder Bread here or elsewhere?

The effects of chemo, cancer, osteoporosis, –of mineral deficiencies


Link to Excelerite






Since everything on this site is provided purely and solely for its entertainment value, nothing on this website should be interpreted as any kind of claim. I have not asked, and the Food and Drug Administration has not offered, to review or evaluate anything this site is connected with, has opinions on, or sells. I don’t have, and don’t want any kind of FDA seal of approval. To me, their approval would be meaningless because there are too many ex-Monsanto employees there (even one is too many). The products distributed through this site are certainly not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Heaven forbid! This site is for entertainment! Consult your DC (doctor of chiropractic) for chiropractic advice, your ND (naturopathic doctor) for naturopathic advice, your OMD (doctor of oriental medicine) for advice on acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbology, your tax professional for tax advice, your attorney for legal advice, your fish monger for advice about fish, your spin doctor for advice on spin, your public relations professional for information on public opinion, your politician if you just want to hear wonderful sounding empty words, the FSM for spiritual advice, your veterinarian for veterinary advice, and other specialists for their professional advice. As a very last resort, you might consider consulting your medical doctor for medical advice. Do all this before doing anything and especially before taking any dietary supplements…..and remember…Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

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