Great book about pre-quake animal behavior: When The Snakes Awake


I need and want to re-read this one. Even before that, I am recommending this highly relevant book: “When The Snakes Awake.”

There’s a link to Amazon in the side bar to the right. There might be a copy available there.

The book describes how many different animals act before earthquakes. As you lean about what’s normal and what’s normal not about the behavior of different animals, you will be better able to see the signs that are around us. The internet can help us learn as well.

There sure are a lot of stories online about frogs predicting earthquakes. I wonder if they can predict radiation. (sorry) There was a baby Gray Whale beaching in Bremerton, WA in July 2011, though this one looked more like a sick and injured whale than a disoriented one.

Anyway, this book can help you establish a good foundation for your ever-growing collection of animal indicators.





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