Hummingbird in flight

Birds and others have magnetite that helps navigation over great distances

How do homing pigeons find their way home? What is it that helps dolphins, whales and seals navigate? Is it animal magnetism?  Give up?

They do it with MAGNETS! Well, not really. Actually, there is a substance animal and human brains called magnetite which is believed to help orient the brain-owner to our Earth’s magnetic field. This helps with navigation and lends a sense of direction.

Did you know that people have homing pigeon races that cover distances from 60 to 600 hundred miles? I’ve been told it’s called a “broken race” when the pigeons get lost and can’t find their way home. There are reports that broken races occur when they fly over an area about to experience seismic activity, perhaps due to some subtle electromagnetic effect on the magnetite in their brains.

I’ve been told that one of the alarm signals is when all birds seem unwilling to land on anything.

There have also been observations of whale beachings at or near areas about to have an earthquake. It can be especially strong signal if the whales or porpoises are rarely seen, babies, and/or are alive when they beach themselves (rather than just being washed-up).

Knowing this gives us one more reason to pay attention to our animal friends.


The Japanese consider the oarfish to be very predictive of earthquakes, here is a link to a March 2010 an article in the UK.

“Oarfish omen spells earthquake disaster for Japan”

Oarfish Omen…




Although not necessarily connected with predicting anything this time (or was it?), here is another short one on Oarfish…

“Rare fish washes ashore at Malibu Colony”

Malibu Times – Oarfish




I will have a LOT more to say on this subject.



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