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I was born in Los Angeles. I attended High School in Hawaii and was lucky enough to live there off-and-on for a dozen or more years (a part of me always will). Although I have resided in other places, most of my early years were in Los Angeles. The trucker’s nickname for LA is “Shakeytown,” and with chronic talk of being long overdue for The Big One, earthquakes were (and are) a major concern. Once I had children, my personal concern grew.

Initially, I had the idea to befriend a few seismologists, and when they left town, I would gather-up my family and head for the hills, too. Before I joined the scientific community by earning my doctorate, I had faith that Scientists would have a clue about predicting geological events. So, I developed a growing interest.

The largest earthquake I had ever personally experinced was a 7.2 M on The Big Island. I was approximately 27.27 miles away (bearing 168.22 degrees) from the epicenter and with earthquakes, closeness counts. The 60 seconds of time that passed during that event seemed more like 60 minutes. The large aftershocks that continued for months kept me “on edge” and ready to grab all I needed in one hand and be out the door in seconds.

I’ll expand on this later.

Right now I think there is much more important information (than anything about me) that needs to be shared and acted on NOW. People need to know what to do about radiation. You might be well-served by visiting my Radiation pages.

If your interest is in predicting earthquakes, at this point you might want to read…


a letter my sister wrote





Notes to self:

More on the experiences Hawaii, Northridge California, Fern Forest.

Bugged out. Found a nice hotel. Woke up under a very large dam. Genius.

The experts advise staying inside; I routinely survey overhead dangers like wires, trees and coconuts – I’m heading outside fast.

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