Mr. Berkland uses the relationships between the Earth, Sun and Moon and how they influence the ocean tides and land tides on our planet. He also considers water tables, geysers and other indicators. He used missing pets to increase the confidence of his predictions.At the time, there was too much for me to learn and I did not feel I had the time, so I concentrated on what Jim used for “increased confidence” of his prediction windows: Lost and Found animals.

Since I was living in LA, I used the LA Times and had great success for three years. I also sometimes looked at the Seattle times and a few other papers out of curiosity. If there was a quake, I’d go to the library and look at the numbers for a few weeks before the shake. Nine times out of ten, there was an obvious correlation. After doing this quite a few times, I was convinced so I just stopped researching events that had already occurred, and paid more attention to the current predictive numbers.

Recently, I decided to start collecting the numbers again. I see now that after a few decades, there have been very drastic changes, namely: the internet. Originally, the average lost + found numbers were about 14 for dogs, and 4 for cats.  My threshold which triggered my telling everyone around me that there was going to be an earthquake was if the dog’s number tripled, and/or the cat’s number doubled. I believe it was 40 for dogs, and 8 for cats from the LA Times. 3x Dogs &/or 2x Cats = prediction. I admit I really loved making claims about something everyone has been convinced is impossible, and in being right 90% of the time. My kind of fun.

So, what’s changed? I jumped online and looked for the current numbers in both the LA and Seattle Times only to find one. That’s one, as in “1” missing animal. I thought the numbers would be higher due to an increased population. Nope.

So, I got to thinking, and ask this question:  Where would you advertise if you lost or found a pet? Same here: Craigslist.

To be expanded (not necessarily in this order):

  • A “found” is another person’s “lost”
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Mama dog and her pups
  • Extending the window
  • The Standard Prediction
  • Lead time, 2 weeks?
  • Current attempts (CL)


Purely for illustration so that you can see what I am looking at, here are some numbers and thresholds, charted from 3/17/2011 to 5/24/2011


Sample Chart






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