I’ll review other predictors of earthquakes

Except for Jim Berkland, I have yet to look into these predictors’ perspectives in greater detail.

Cal Orey wrote the book The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes about Jim Berkland. She is a sensitive and runs a forum Here

Luke Thomas

Akira method

Jack Coles

Jim Berkland, my first guru, should be with this list



Night clouds or noctilucent clouds may precede seismic and extreme weather events by one solar rotation [the Sun’s equator rotates faster than the rest of the sun] and may occur just before major events … according to my favorite and highly accurate maverick long-range weather forecaster, Piers Corbyn.  On August 5th he said, “if this proves true, we may have some major events around August 21, 2011.” He is testing his Solar/Lunar theories on earthquake prediction and I believe it hods great promise!

At the equator the solar rotation period is 24.47 days. This is called the sidereal rotation period, and should not be confused with the synodic rotation period of 26.24 days, which is the time for a fixed feature on the Sun to rotate to the same apparent position as viewed from Earth. I am not sure which period Piers uses. His weather (and other predictions) are usually good practically to the day, well, 90% of the time that is. He’s predicted that as the current US heatwave diminishes on Aug 2, perhaps in two steps, it will stay diminished rather than return to another heat wave. We’ll see!





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