Many are ignorant on how to test for radioactivity




Notes to self:

Realistic detection is often NOT as simple as aiming a light meter at an object.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to test a tablespoon of milk.

Geiger counters are not the right equipment for food. Is a scintillation detector different from a device with a Geiger-Muller tube?

Do you know what flower changes color in the presence of radioactivity?

Have you tried to test for radioactivity?

Know anyone with a Geiger counter? Did you buy one?

Do you know the difference between a Geiger Counter and an ion chamber survey meter?

Any idea how to properly use these kinds of equipment what their limitations are?


(Invite guest author for a primer)

(refer to bionerd <–look her up! YouTube! She’s AWESOME!)

You know, you can take prudent steps, you can take action even without testing personally and simply based on other’s data and simple reasoning.

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