Here, once I get the time, I will describe a brief story about two Indians sneaking past a settler by hiding behind a log floating down the river.

The settler’s dog noticed the intruders and ran from the log cabin down to the end of the pier and barked like crazy at the Indians. The settler came down to the pier, looked around, saw the log floating by, failed to look close enough to see the Indians, then proceeded to yell at and beat the, um, heck out of the dog.

Back in the water, one Indian turned to the other and said, “he should listen to his dog,” to which the other Indian nodded in agreement.

As you read through this site, I will share many of the specific animal indicators which can serve as a flag or an attention alert. My advice? As a card-carrying member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, I feel it appropriate to say: “Be a Good Indian.”  At least act like one and listen to the animals. Learn to speak their language a little. Pay attention to their special skills and gifts.





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