Here is my undeveloped page for describing the pre-earthquake behavior of dogs, cats, cows, horses and others who qualify as our 4-legged friends.

This includes stories of dogs jumping from 2nd-story windows and cows refusing to go into the barn…all before earthquakes.

If you feed your dog(s) at a regular time each day, it is easier to notice a change in eating behavior. I am not quite sure what kind of changes there would be, not what the relevance of feeding at the same time every day. Suffice to say it may be one more little flag to pay attention to if you notice a change in your dog or other animal’s feeding.

I have been told dogs can get clingy and refuse to leave your side before an event. I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s a pack instinct or that you are their alpha.

Paying attention to these signals can help you go with the flow, or better handle the coming emergency.




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