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While I was in doctor school, they used to call me “doctorEQ” (Dr. E.Q.) because I had learned out how to predict earthquakes with about a 90% accuracy rate for three years and, being me, I got a real kick out of doing something everyone has been taught to believe is impossible:  predicting earthquakes. I’d be going around saying “earthquake’s coming!” and was right nine out of ten times.  More on that story later.

I am developing this site to share what I have learned about earthquake prediction, on being prepared (not paranoid), and what to do during the aftermath of natural and unnatural catastrophes like the one that happened in Fukushima, Japan.

I will provide information on predicting earthquakes (really!), on being prepared, on first-class, dual-purpose supplies and equipment, and on specific things that are easy and inexpensive that we can do during our daily lives in order to lessen suffering after a disaster or emergency. I have a considerable amount of information on radiation. In fact, I have so much practical information to share, that is one of the reasons I am inspired write this book, I mean build this site. It’s the information I want my sons to understand and implement…and of course the rest of my family…and that includes you.

After lengthy research in order to find the best products and tools for myself, my family and friends, there are some items that I have obtained a distributorship for and will offer for sale, as well as some that I will simply recommend and point you to.

Everyone should know there is no “safe level of exposure” to radioactivity. Of course there is a natural background level which also isn’t “safe,” though most of the time it’s not a major issue. Beware of anyone comparing direct and prolonged tissue contact with a radioactive isotope to chest x-rays or bananas. Increasing your exposure to radioactive isotopes is not a good thing. The inverse square law tells us that distance matters; further away is better than direct contact. In other words, radiation is not good for you – and more of it is not a good thing.  Contact with radioactive isotopes by our bodies, our lungs and our digestive systems  is happening now and in ever increasing amounts.

Thanks to the power plant in Fukushima and the release of  the equivalent more than twenty (20) Hiroshima-sized nuclear bombs, there are fresh radioactive isotopes that have already entered and are still entering our food chain —with more to come. The “background” level is going up. Of those that understand that we may not be being told the whole true story, many feel hopeless because they don’t understand this fairly complicated subject and think “there is nothing that can be done” about it – so they do nothing.

There are things we can do now to protect ourselves and those we care for. There are specific, inexpensive steps that you CAN take for yourself and your family. I will share the results of my research with you with the hope of increased health as well as more peace-of-mind.

I’ll share information about earthquake prediction and preparedness, too.

This site is not yet at all finished and although I have the general outline, there is still much content to be filled-in. Since some of this information should be acted upon now (and not after I finish every page), I am making this site available.

Perhaps MOST importantly:  I recommend reading about radiation and all the easy, effective and delicious things you can do about it   Here

Of course you are free to hop to the subject that interests you most. You can use the 2- and 3-level drop-down menu entries to get around, or hop over to the site map and navigate from there. However verbose, I am attempting to organize this site logically, almost like a book.


Pop Quiz: “On what date did Fukushima leak radioactive isotopes into the air and water?”

Answer hint: What is today’s date?





(NOTE: This site is quite young – there is MUCH more to come. PLEASE be aware that as I tweak things and slowly but surely add content, there can be sweeping changes, edits, and modifications at any moment!  If you want to bookmark a page, I recommend this home page since this URL won’t change. I hope you find some useful information here. ~doctorEQ)




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Don’t Believe Everything You Think!